Monday, 13 December 2010


Started the day by making strawberry sauce.
I've been ill all weekend so I haven't been eating fruit at
all and the strawberries started to go a bit squidgy, and
frugal little me didn't have the heart to bin them.
It was only enough for one jar but at least they didn't go
to waste.
It was done in a blink of an eye, I just boiled the berries
with some vanilla sugar and that's about it.
Very yummy to mix with natural yogurt.

After I've been to the gym and had lunch I sat down to
relax and partly revamp my orange top I got last week.
One of the buttons was missing but it didn't matter to
me since I didn't plan to keep them to begin with.

I remembered that I had these cute vintage buttons I
got in an old haberdashery shop in Stockholm and I've
been dying to finally use them.


The vintage buttons actually looks a bit like Hjortron.


I really love this top, the details are so cute and it's
very feminine.

Oh yeah, I found some new best friends for this top
in one of my jewelry boxes. Tutti frutti oh Rudy!


Ivy Black said...

A gorgeous fruity post! Your orange top is lovely and the buttons are perfect.xx

Jema♥Rose said...

Passade ju verkligen perfekt med de där knapparna!

: )


jjulie79 said...

looks yummy

decorative mirrors

Little Rascal said...

Ivy Black: Thanks sweetie. :)
I think the buttons really made the top look a hundred times better. I collect buttons and I'm happy as can be when I find a piece of clothing that needs a face lift. :)

Jema Rose: Tackar...
Jag har verkligen massor av gamla knappar och jag blir lika glad varje gang jag hittar ett plagg som nan av dem passar pa.
Det ar ju varldens enklaste revamp, att bara byta knappar kan ju gora underverk pa vilket plagg som helst.

Jjulie: Thanks babe. :)

Zizzi said...

Det låter jättegott att blanda i yoghurt! Finfina knappar. Ser nästan ut som godis också. GIllar även detaljerna på topen! Kram cissi