Monday, 20 December 2010


Our 4 year anniversary was great!
Non pretentious, just nice and relaxed, doing what
we wanted to do.
We had pizza while we were watching Rocky 4 and
drank some rather pricey Champagne.
We're SO classy! :)) As I said, non pretentious.

And there was gifts, really nice ones...

The prettiest red shoes I ever seen!

Look at the heel! The details are stunning.
Love, love, LOVE!

Big makeup bag, exactly what I needed!
I feel too old for polka dots nowadays (my old makeup
bag had polka dots) and this floral one is more "me".

Ohh, what's in this cute little box?

A sea shell necklace and bracelet.

And the coolest screw on earrings and necklace ever!
Look like the set is made out of plectrums, don't they?
Marked West Germany.

Rocky 4 and Champagne - a perfect combination. ;))

After a relaxing afternoon we got dressed and went
to my favorite club, South London Pacific.
Met my darling Colbert Hamilton (yes, I'm a fag hag)
I almost didn't recognize him, last time I saw him he
was so unbelievably skinny. He had TB then, poor sod.
It sure was nice to see him back in good health.
And The Keytones was brilliant as always and we had
a nice long chat.
I think Jim (he's the very dreamy guitarist) wants me
to be his personal stylist after he saw my mans red £3
jacket I gave him for Hanukkah. :))

Me and my man.

I'm really sorry for the crap quality of the pictures.
My camera is about to die soon and so I can't really
show you the glory of this place.
But if you're ever in London, make sure you visit!
Click on the images for a slightly bigger version.

Colbert went up on stage and did one of his Black Elvis
numbers with The Keytones.

My handsome man and Colbert.

Ohh! Free Jive bars! :D

Neat hand dryer in the ladies.

The short side of the bar.

The long side of the bar.

Light fixture.

Another light fixture.

And more light fixtures.

My personal favorite, the big fruit basket hanging from
the ceiling with red flashing grapes.

I've always had a thing for plastic fruit for some reason,
it was one of those things that you could find hanging in
my grans kitchen.


yep me again said...

Jag var precis pa den klubben forra veckan! fantastiska drinkar :) Later som ni hade en fin kvall, och grattis pa arsdagen :)

Jema♥Rose said...

Ni verkar ha haft en riktigt trevlig kväll!

Jättefina presenter du fick,
skorna var ju bara totally fab..!

: )


Penny Dreadful said...

Those shoes are amazing, Mr Rascal did really well. Glad you had a great night, the South Pacific club looks amazing - will need to visit!

Zizzi said...

Vilken fin kväll! Man ska verkligen bara göra det man vill, inte det andra förväntar sig att man ska göra. Underbara presenter! Och fint uteställe!
Kram cissi

Kitty said...

Great anniversary treats all round for you, I love that your man always seems to choose presents for you that you love.xx.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Congratulations! ♥ Those shoes :))

ScaryMary said...

Congratulations!! Sounds like a really nice night:) Great pressies and the bar looks awsome! Wish we had some more places like that around here. Have to check it out if we go to London..

Luna said...

Congratz on your anniversary - I must say - you look smashing together! And "the skuuus" (shoes) - they were AMAZING!

Kitten said...

Those shoes are seriously gorgeous, you are one lucky girl! Happy anniversary!

Heather said...

Happy anniversary darling! Those shoes are to die for.

Mrs Munster said...

Pretty shoes!!! The club looks amazing. Looks like you had an awesome night. Congrats on your anniversary.