Tuesday, 14 December 2010


On Saturday just gone me and my darling were a bit
bored and had cravings for a treasure hunt and so we
went to our favorite vintage shop in St. Albans.
My man had a second birthday present waiting there
for me. (I will blog about this later this week.)

Anyway, we had a browse and I found a stall where
everything was £5 each and that's where I found this
really nice bag.

It got a lot of compartments, which I really like, and
it's black so it's a real winner to me, a smelly winner.
Yeah, it has a bad old smell, mothballs and damp...
I did give it a good clean, however.
Used the slim nozzle on the vacuum cleaner to get rid
off some old dust, I also wiped it over with anti-bac
cleaner to get rid of the rest of the muck.
It still smells but I have faith that the organic lavender
soap bars my mother in law keeps on giving me will do
the trick eventually. If not I'll use baking soda.

Sorry if you think I'm repeating myself with this post
since I did a similar post about my lavender soap bar
almost a year ago.

Pretty neat, huh?

I like that this bag has got six compartments, it
sure makes it easier to find stuff.

One soap bar in every other compartment.


Rosy said...

That was an absolute treasure hunting! Surely the smell end up leaving with your trick

Zizzi said...

När vårt hus hade brunnit, ställde jag ut bl.a jacks leksaker och annat man inte kunde köra i tvättmaskin eller diskmaskin, i kartonger, ute på balkongen. Det var ju ungefär ett år sedan, så det var riktigt kallt och snöigt. De fick stå ute i 1-2 veckor, och sen luktade de inte brandrök längre. Kanske är nåt för din väska? Kram cissi