Thursday, 9 December 2010


Today has been one of those domestic days.
Not very exciting but very necessary.
I've been cleaning the house, done 3 loads of
laundry and a whole lot of washing up.
While washing up I accidentally managed to
shove a fork into my hand, pretty darn deep
too, I was bleeding like a little pig. :))

I also been making plum & ginger sauce, carrot
juice and tomato celery juice, it was all for my
man, he likes veg juice and my sauces, I don't.
Frugal as I am I saved the "carrot junk" after
juicing, I put it in plastic bags and store it in the
freezer until I need it, my thought is to use it in
carrot cake or as a filler in lasagna.
I also saved the "tomato junk", it's perfect to
put in stews, Italian dishes, etc. it's also much
tastier than canned tomatoes if you ask me.

I think I'll take the rest of the day off to watch
HBO's Boardwalk Empire and maybe make a
few hair flowers.

Started my day with a very yummy breakfast.
Fruit salad with honey melon, mango, pomegranate,
raspberries, coconut chunks and Macadamia nuts.

For my lovely man - juice.
I made 3 liter tomato celery juice and 2 liter carrot

Finished preparing flowers for hats and hair flowers.

Oh yeah, the Hanukkah charity shopping has going
on all week, here's two items I picked up yesterday.

Vintage jacket, £3.
Can you believe it?! Another stage jacket for my
man for only £3, amazing!

Dress, £3.
I've been looking for another house dress, something
cheap, one that I don't have to be careful with, this one
was perfect.
I noticed earlier that Hallonsemla got the same dress.

Close up on the pattern.

1 comment:

Hallonsemla said...

Det är verkligen den mest perfekta "hemmaklänningen". Inhandlade min förra sommaren, känns som att jag hade den vareviga dag! :)

Gott nytt år raring!