Monday, 6 December 2010


Looks like you don't have to wait until tomorrow to
have a peek at what I got on my birthday yesterday.
I also got some money and some b-day cards and a
lot of nice wished on Facebook and here.
Thank you all so much!

Brooch, earrings and a ring from Clare.
All these pretty things and much, much more are available
in her shop at fantastic prices! Perfect stocking fillers!

A 1950's string holder from mother in law.
You put a roll of string in the back of the cats head and
hang it on the wall.

Vintage hat from mother in law.

Jayne Mansfield hot water bottle from the 1950's
from my wonderful man and a 1950's boudoir lamp
from mother in law.
J.M. is my favorite blonde of all times and I've been wanting
this bottle for a looong time.

Now I'm off to the day SPA! Ta-ta!


Helena said...

Great mother-in-law!

Bethany said...

Love the kitty string holder! My brother got that Mansfield bottle 15 years ago at a garage sale, and I've never seen another till now - great present!!