Sunday, 5 December 2010


I'm now 31.
So far I've had a wonderful day, very low key but after
last years fiasco I didn't want a party, just close family,
a meal out and vintage shopping.
I got all that and now I'm home to have a slice of cake
(m-i-l insisted) and to change outfit for tonight's event,
London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op's X-mas party.
The thing I'm most excited about tonight is to see my
lovely friend Clare again! She's a doll and a half.

Tomorrow my man and I are going to a SPA so I will
blog about my birthday presents on Tuesday.

See ya! <3


punk in writing said...

Happy Birthday! :) Hope your next year will be a great one.

art deco dame said...

Happy Birthday!!

yep me again said...

Happy birthday! :)

Dashfield Vintage said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like we have the same idea of a perfect birthday... I prefer to have a quiet one with my family rather than a big party.

Miss Tami Lee said...

Happy Birthday! Celebrate in style :)

Kitten said...

Happy birthday Rascal! Hope you have a lovely evening! :)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

And it was a pleasure to see you again! You could have brought me a piece of this very retro pink cake! :)

Zizzi said...

Grattis på födelsedagen! Kram cissi