Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This vintage Hawaiian sun dress arrived this morning!
eBay find, of course. $14.99.
I love the red Hibiscus print, wide shoulder straps and
sweetheart bodice.

Click on the image for larger view.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

You know, I have a dress that is really similar to this - mine is a bit shorter but same shape/colours!! Its fab, very flattering neckline and great bargain too :))

Little Rascal said...

Why am I not surprised? :))

Dolly Cool Clare said...

He he ;)

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous! Come on summer....xx

La Dama said...

beautiful dress,I been looking for Hawaiian have a gift for finding cute things.

Scary Mary said...

Yummi summer dress!! I'm sure it looks wonderful on you:)

islandgirl said...

I have this dress! Only I paid a little more for it on Etsy. I actually didn't like the straps that way so I fixed it to halter style straps and now I love it!

Little Rascal said...

Ivy Black: Thank you. Yeah, I want warm summer days now! :))

La Dama: Thank you very much.
I love Hawaiian dresses but they cost way too much nowadays, some people really takes the piss.

Scary Mary: Thanks babe!
Well, I bet I will post an outfit picture when it's warmer, this house is freezing and I'm not inspired to wear it yet. :))

Islandgirl: Cool! :D
That's actually a great idea, I'm gonna keep that in mind if I get sick of it. :)

Zizzi said...

Den här klänningen är nog bland de finaste jag sett! Svart och rött är sååå fint tillsammans. Kram cissi