Thursday, 24 March 2011


Had a very productive day today.
Been running errands, posting packages, gym, assembled
the garden storage without too much hassle, sprayed the
lamp base
and sow some basil.
I'm all alone tonight so my plan is to sew and mend a few
things, cut out price tags and business cards I laminated
earlier and clean the house.

The moment you bargain babes have been waiting for!
I only posted a few selected bits from the jumble sale the
19th of March. It takes too much time to blog about all
junk I get my hands on. :))

As usual, click the pictures from larger view...


Vintage bamboo planter, 5 pence.
I love this! And so does my recently replanted Mother-in-Law's

Earrings, 10 pence.
Made out of coconut shell. Nice to wear with a tropical outfit.

Vintage swim cap, 20 pence.
Couldn't resist it! I'm allergic to rubber but it sure looks cool
on Dolly 2.

Lurex cardigan, 30 pence
I didn't own a silver Lurex cardigan so it one was very nice
addition to my cardigan pile.

Vintage straw bonnet, 20 pence.
I revamped it the other day, if you've missed it, check out the
finished result


Shoes, £3.
Perfect fit! Perfect to wear with anything in my wardrobe! :D

Vintage fabric, £1.
This fabric will be perfect for halter sun tops.
It's actually older than it looks and the lady in this little shop
in the smallest town ever said it was from her mothers fabric

Vintage Lurex scarf, £2.
This won't be a scarf for much longer. I'm gonna make one
or two tops out of the Lurex as it's get harder to come by.

Book, £1.
From the 1980's filled to the brim with with bikini gals from
1940's-1980's. My favorites are of course the ones with my
favorite blond, Jayne Mansfield.

1950's Cardigan, £2.
There was a button missing and two small holes on one of the
sleeves so I haggeled it down from £3.50. :P



Bitty Boss said...

That is the prettiest cardigan I have ever seen. No lie. What a great bunch of finds!

Little Rascal said...

Thanks Bitty Boss. :)
It is very nice and it's now without holes and missing buttons.

Jennie DeSoto said...

Love the bamboo planter. Very nice next to the bass :)

La Dama said...

The bamboo planter is so cute next to the cool ass bass.
beautiful finds,my faves are swiming cap,cardi,and red sandals.(look brand new)

Linnea said...

so many nice bargains...badmössan är ju hur häftig som helst!

Little Rascal said...

Jennie DeSoto: Thanks hun. :)

La Dama: The shoes were next to unworn and a size 2 or something. :))
That bass is not the coolest one he got but it has been played by The Comets. :)

Linnea: Tackar. :)
Pussa Reggie fran mig.

La Dama said...

size 2 shoes?I'm a size 3 and its hard to find small sizes in charity shops.

Little Rascal said...

La Dama: I'm mostly a size 3 too.
I'm gonna sell off a huge lot of my shoe collection, wanna come over and be the first to lay your paws on them? :)
You're in Hertfordshire, right?

Kitten loves vintage said...

Seriously, I think I have that same cardigan! Awesome! :D