Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Ouch! I'm so amazingly sore after the gym today.
Did quite well and if I go on like I did my butt and
tummy's gonna be rock hard. :))

Here's a few things really made my day today...

1. I did my first haggling on Etsy! :D
During the weekend I won a really cool pineapple
shirt for my man and I've had my eyes on a dress
with the same print on Etsy for months, sadly it
was sold as I was gonna lay my hands on it.
But do not feel sorry for me because last night I
found another dress with the exact same print, a
much nicer model but a bit more expensive so lil'
ol' me sent the seller a nice message asking if she
would take an offer and if so reserve it for me.
So this morning I saw that it was reserved for me!
Oh happy day! :D
(I love when me and my man match, it's so nerdy.)
The seller said she liked my approach and gladly
let me have it for $4 less. YES! :D

2. Best thing today must have been when I met
an English Bull Terrier in town and I got myself a
nice proper cuddle. Sidney was his name.

3. When I came home there were three packages
waiting for me by the front door.
It was a DVD, a pair of gold Lurex pants (that I'm
gonna revamp into capri pants) and three square
bamboo bangles. - All eBay finds.

Gold Lurex pants, £6.99
Not 1950's but I even if I got the money I wouldn't spend
$100 for a pair of pants.

I got a 1960's gold Lurex dress for 10 pence at a jumble
two years ago but I still haven't got around to turn it
into a pair of capri pants so this will do for now.

Bamboo bangles, £4.99.


La Dama said...

wow! gold lurex pants are hard to find at that price amor.
I been eyeing bamboo square bangles too.
awww English Bull Terrier's are so cute.

Little Rascal said...

They are not vintage tho so that's why I got them so cheap.

Bamboo bangles has really shoot up in price lately, guess it's because of the retro trend.

Yeah, I really miss my old Bullie so everytime I get the chance to get a good cuddle I take it. :))

vintage_kitten said...

Love the pants.they will look great as capris.I can't motivate myself to work out.not to lose but to tone muscles.I am so self consious of my stick legs.Those bangles are really cute.you always find such lovely things.xx

Little Rascal said...

Thanks Yolanda. :)
I wish they were vintage Lurex, they sparkle more than these.

I would be glad to have stick legs, I'm of the short and curvy gene so I can never ever get slim. :))

Aw, thanks. I wish I had some serious cash to spend on carved bakelite and vintage Lurex but it's just not my style. I'm not poor but I feel sick spending too much. :))

Donna said...

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Vintage Coconut said...

I sometimes like to match my man too! haha

I love those gold pants and the bangles are gorgeous!