Friday, 4 March 2011


I had a really creative day yesterday.
I ordered some craft bits for a future project that I really
can't wait to start working on.
I also made two fascinator hats, some hair flowers for me
and revamped some old junk that has been laying around
for too long.

Like this thing...

It used to be a candle garland or whatever you call these
things. This one is from the 50's/60's, back then plastic
was very popular, nowadays is all silk flowers. Yuk!
Anyway, this one was the only one of it's kind and not in
a very good state as you can see here.
So I cut a bit off and then I stitched a pin onto the back
and got myself a unique and rather lovely brooch.

And this...

This was actually a 1950's bracelet my man gave me
four years ago. It was way too big for me and it's been
collecting dust ever since.
So I attached a thin chain and a clasp and hey presto,
I got myself a necklace.

And here's the fascinator hats...

And these arrived with the snail mail...

eBay find, celluloid type bangles, all four for 99 pence.

They kind of reminds me of Dita's bangles in this ad:


Vintage Coconut said...

Adding a chain to a bracelet making it a necklace is a great idea!
I like your creations, they are pretty.
And the bracelets you bought are so lovely and what a awsome price you paid.

Little Rascal said...

Thanks hun.
It only took me four years to realize it. :))

I couldn't have asked for a better price really.
A friend of mine saw a blue one, just like it, the seller had £12 as a starting price, so yes, it's the bargain for the year, so far, until the boot sales starts. :))