Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It's all Hawaiian today!
Got this really cool dress with the snail mail today.
eBay find for $10.99. It's a 1960's beach cover up.
It has a slit in the front to show off your awesome
legs and part of your bikini bottoms.
I don't have awesome legs, yet, so for now I will be
wearing black 3/4 length leggings underneath.
I'm not very brave. :))

Click on the image for larger version.
Or for a more detailed picture, click here.

I had a meeting in town today and afterwards I went
into Primark for the first time in ages.
I've seen that they got Hawaiian dresses this season
and I've seen them go for stupid prices on eBay so I
wanted to have a proper look at them and also get to
know the actual cost for them.
There were only size 6 and 8 left, I bet some twat had
snagged all size 10/12/14 to sell on eBay, luckily I'm
a size 8.
Don't know if I want these or not, I got 28 days to make
up my mind.

Click on the images for larger versions.


vintage_kitten said...

Oooh very pretty.I would keep them.specially the pink one.

La Dama said...

That dress is a fab color and style.
I need to go to primark, those dresses are so cute.
Get them will you can amor.
I hsve tge same problem but reverse i never find my big mama sizes at primark.

Kitten loves vintage said...

Oh, you just keep finding so much pretty dresses and other nice stuff...will we ever see you wear any of it though? ;)

mallis said...

Jättefina klänningar behåll båda!

Vad kostade de i affären? så jag vet vad som är hutlöst på ebay :)

Scary Mary said...

Lovely dresses!!:)

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Kitten: Thank you. :)
They're going back. They had a perfect fit everywhere but the boobs. :(

La Dama: Thank you hun. :)
I'm sad to say they're going back, they didn't fit in the boob area.

Kitten: Thank you. :)
Thing is, I'm cheap, I could go mad and get something that's hundred times prettier but I just don't want to. :)
I will do an outfit post when it's warmer outside.

Mallis: Bada kommer att ga tillbaka till Primark, de var for sma i bysten, satt fint overallt annars.
De kostade £9 styck.

Scary Mary: Thanks babe. :)

mallis said...

Typiskt att de inte passade för de var ju väldigt snygga. Jag såg dem på ebay för 19£ det var lite väl dyrt då. Jaja jag få jaga vidare antar jag.

Ska inte åka till uk just nu så...