Wednesday, 23 March 2011


What a nice day it's been today!
It's been so warm today you'd think it was June!
I've been wearing short sleeves and the 1950's
skirt I got last week
It's 7:47 PM and I still got the windows open and
I'm not at all cold.

Me and my man had a nice day out today.
I started the day but sanding down and cleaning
the base of the sexy lamp I got on my birthday,
it's gonna get a fresh coat of black paint tomorrow.
And we went for a long walk.
Then we decided to have lunch in Edgware and I
can almost swear that Kanye West were sitting a
few tables away from us. Does anyone know if he
is in London at the mo?

Then we did some vintage scouting, of course and
I finally got to visit the fabric shop I've been very
curious about for ages. It's always been closed the
day's I've passed. We ended up with a few nice bits
both from the fabric shop and some charity shops.
Unfortunately I can't blog about my finds today, my
camera battery needs to be charged.
I promise to have an extra special post about my
latest finds from the weekend and today.
How about tomorrow? :)


Perdita said...

It's been such a lovely day! Touch wood- spring is coming...

Bubbles said...

It has been a surprisingly warm day and it shows spring is in the air. I hope it stays like this.

vintage_kitten said...

Can't wait to see the things you found.Have you looked up kanye's tour dates?I think he is playing there cuz i watch the E chanel and they always post who's doing what and could hav sworn he is touring there.that would be cool if that was him.