Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Here's what I got with the snail mail last week.
This green lurex jumpsuit is hideous but I love it!
I found it on eBay for £4.99.
It's too short in the body but that doesn't matter,
I never planned to keep it as a jumpsuit, this is a
revamp project.
You will see the finished result pretty soon.


linnea-maria said...

Before I read the text I was thinking making something new out of this!! I love revamping. Please post a picture of the finished result. Hugs/Therese

Perdita said...

LOVE it! re-con or not, I'd go for it. But I do like a bit of tack, me!

La Dama said...

wow! I am thinking a cute playsuit or petal pushers.great color.