Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Today has not a good day for my head but it sure
has been productive.
My mood is very weather dependent so if it's rain
in the air I get the worst head and neck ache ever.

I felt a bit fed up earlier today and needed to do
something constructive so I told my man to take
a break from all his paper work so we could go to
the DIY store to order a garden storage for pots
and garden equipment.
We're having the new workshop shed built next
month and we don't want to mess it all up with
grass clippings and dirt.
So that's sorted and we get it delivered next week.
Since I'm from IKEA land and very good at putting
things together I guess I'm the right person for the
job. :)
Not only that, we also agreed on colors for my big
spring revamp. We decided to go for Dulux Sweet
Sundae 5 for the bedroom and Crown 1980 Blue
for the upstairs hallway.
Can't wait to finish the hallway, the swimming pool
blue is gonna look fab with my vintage Nubian wall
hangings and the bamboo mirror.

And these arrived with the snail mail this morning.
I know, it's been a lot of packages lately, at least
I keep it on the cheap side.
These items are both from the same eBay seller.

Click on the images for a larger view.

1960's playsuit, £5.
The buttons must go, asap!

1950's skirt, £6.50.
I love when I finally get my hands on a dress with a 23 inch waist.
Everything modern is way too big for me waist wise.
The rest of me is rather chunky. :))

Close up on the pattern and one of the pockets.


Bitty Boss said...

I'm so jealous with your 23" waist! Sounds like you have a lil junk in the trunk like I I'm working on turning these 28" into at least 26" by summertime . Love the skirt! The pattern is very pretty.:-)

Little Rascal said...

Thank you, I love fun patterns. :)
I used to be 30 inch at one point, deep depression and too much candy is not good for the waistline.
I wish I had more junk in my boobs. :))
What exercises do you do to reduce your waist?

Boo Boo Kitty said...

Wow 23" in waist! I love the print!

I have too much junk in my boobs, its the first place i lose weight, but when i do lose it.. i complain!

Good choice on the Dulux btw, I work for Dulux and am nit bias in anyway hehehe!

Lisa said...

it's quite colorful;)
I want the coming summer

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La Dama said...

wow,I love the 1950's skirt pattern and what a bargain.
try using a slimming belt it takes inches off while you work out or walk around and do chores.

vintage_kitten said...

The colors sound that playsuit and skirt.I love pink colors for things.Makes everything seem spring and new.Would be fun to shop with you.x