Friday, 11 March 2011


Yes, another one.
This stunning dress arrived this morning.
It's a 1950's evening dress, I got it on eBay for £9.99.
I actually regretted putting a bid on it because it didn't
look that nice in the pictures, it was an impulse buy but
now, as I seen it in real life and ironed it, I think it's one
of my top ten dresses.
The pattern is amazing! It shimmers in pink and white.
It makes me think of snowflakes.
The pictures doesn't do it any justice.

Click on the image for larger view!

Click on the image for larger view!

After the gym yesterday I had a quick browse in my
favorite charity shop, I found a pair of velvet capri pants
the other day but I needed time to "think about it", which
was really stupid of me because they were gone, I need
to stop doing that!
Anyway, I had a look around and found these...

Capri pants, £1.75.
I wish it was the velvet ones!!!
These had a really good fit, perfect as basic summer wear.

Cute vintage dress, £2.50
I know I said that I got clothes that are a bit too young for me
but this dress were too cute to leave and I can always wear it
as a house dress or to car boot sales. :)

Closeup on the pattern.


Bitty Boss said...

That first dress is darling!

La Dama said...

oh my,that blue dress is just gorgeous color and shimmer.
I have that problem too,I leave things and then end up going bac to the shop and sometimes its gone.
your never to old to wear anything, the cuter the clothes the younger we look amor.

LadyAngore said...

Oh how cute!!
Love the dresses!

Zizzi said...

Första klänningen är jättefin! Gillar mönstret skarpt! KRam cissi

Linnea said...

gillar båda klänningarna! kul när man får hem en klännning från ebay som faktiskt är finare i verkligheten.