Monday, 7 March 2011


Not much of an exciting day really...
I'm waiting for craft supplies so until they arrive I'm
on a bit of a stand still.
I did however send a whole bunch of packages and
I listed 10 new items in my Etsy shop.
I also made a new banner for my shop and updated
the Idaho Red Vintage Facebook page.

Let's face facts, I got way too much stuff!
I need to sort through all my stuff, I'm 30 something
and some things are "too young" for me, so to speak.
My plan is to bring the bits I no longer want or need
to the Ladywood Rockabilly Club in Birmingham.
It's an all-dayer on Saturday 26th of March and I will
be sharing a stall with lovely Dolly Cool Clare.

Here's something I never get too old for: Lucite glitter
This pretty thing arrived with the mail this morning!
I have a thing for these if you haven't noticed. :)

Etsy, $5.


La Dama said...

oh my! another glitter bracelet,I found a leopard glittery one at Asdas the other day.

Scary Mary said...

Mmmmm my lil' eye spy.. Some great treasures in your store:) *Waaaant*

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Ooh looking forward to seeing what goodies you have with you this time :))

art deco dame said...

Love!Love!Love the bracelet!

Little Rascal said...

La Dama: Yes, another one. :)
I'm a total magpie. :))

Scary Mary: Thanks. :)
There's loads more to come.

Clare: Pretty much the same stuff as last time and the stuff I listed on Etsy lately. I got a whole lot of other stuff too but I don't know what yet. :))

Art Deco Dame: Thanks hun. :)