Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Yes, more sparkly garments.
I never pass on the chance getting lurex on the cheap.
Here's what arrived with the snail mail yesterday.

Gold leggings, 15 pence, silver leggings, 25 pence.

Vintage men's shirt, £6.50.
Got this for my man to match my green lurex outfit that I'm
currently working on.
He does look really good in this one.

No sunshine today so my plan is to go swimming and
then spend the rest of my day by the sewing machine.
I got so many garments that need altering /revamping.
After some closet clearing last week I finally have the
space I need for my finished projects.


Perdita said...

Those leggings are superb, very Bowie. I love them, I doubt they would love my thighs ha ha! But that's what layering's for...

vintage_kitten said...

I love those leggings.In love with that blue shade.I thought the green shirt was the start of your revamp on the jumpsuit at first.That will be cute together.Can't wait to see your finished goodies.xx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

The green lurex is cool! You just need to sew on some pineapples now! ;D

La Dama said...

those leggings are so cute,I dont really like leggins ,but these I would consider,love anything shiny.
you two are going to be Abba lurex cute twins.