Saturday, 26 March 2011


Quick post today!
I'm off to Birmingham in a few hours, it's a rockabilly
all-dayer and I'm having a stall with Dolly Cool Clare.
Hope she can stand 14 hours straight with me. :))

And here's what I got at the fabric shop the other day.

Black elastic band with silver threads.
The man in the shop was so generous with his measurement
so I got enough elastic to make two belts. The belt buckles are
from my local haberdasher.
I made these the other day.

Buttons, they do look old and I believe they were deadstock,
the owner get his stock from all over the place, a lot of fabric
comes from the fashion houses when they are out of season.


Scary Mary said...

Nice belts!! Wow, very generous indeed, if you had enough for two of them:) Sounds fun! Hope you had a great day at the stand and made many sales!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Very nice belts! And those buttons would make cute rings!! =D

La Dama said...

such a crafty Mama you are,love the belts and buttons would look good on hair flowers clips.