Monday, 14 March 2011


Ahh, spring is here.
Started the weekend by mowing the front and back
lawn for the first time this year, now that was hard
work, I still ache from it.
Another thing I did for the first time this year was
to hang the laundry out to dry, that's when you know
it's spring! :)

Today it's been sunny and warm so I started painting
our fence, I ran out of paint but at least I made a start
and the difference is huge.

I didn't blog during the weekend, didn't have the time
and the energy really. Yesterday I did nothing, felt low
and stayed in bed watching Weeds all day.
Saturday was busy. My man took me out on a date.
I might sound like a broken record by now, we went
scouting for vintage. This time we went to the market
in Burnt Oak and then for lunch at our favorite Chinese
in Edgware.
Afterwards we went to a few places we'd never been
before, together that is, my man grew up here in north
London so it's his back pocket.

We got a few nice things, unfortunately I didn't get any
good pics of the two vintage jackets I got for my man.

Here's a selection of what we got.

Pink gingham playsuit, £1.99.
I want summer, now!

Vintage bamboo cuff links, £1.
My man is about as nuts about bamboo as I am so this was
the perfect gift.

A bunch of coconut buttons, 10 pence.
I had my man's Hawaiian shirts in mind.
Some of them comes with ugly plastic buttons so these will

really make a change.

This amazing vintage dress arrived today!
I bought it on Etsy for $22 and I've been waiting a month
for it, shipping issues, the seller was kind enough to refund
the shipping cost. I didn't even have to ask.

Click on image for larger view.

Close up on the pattern.


Vintage Coconut said...

Oh that pink gingham is so cute! I also really like those cuff links.
You always post the greatest stuff!

I also cannot wait for spring! I want to plant flowers!!

vintage_kitten said...

What a cute playsuit.Love the buttons and vintage dress.I have a dress similar.i washed it and my mom acidentally put it in the dryer.:( it fits ok but the clors faded.Great finds

mallis said...

Oh the loveliest finds!

The pattern on the dress is perfect! I need to shop more at etsy I se :)

Scary Mary said...

What a cute playsuit!! *Love* Wonderful for the summer:) Also really cool cuffs for your man, haven't any in bamboo before. Sounds like a lovely weekend, wish we had some warmer weather soon too..

Dolly Cool Clare said...

More pineapples! Love this dress - will suit you and your huge pineapple collection! ;)

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Coconut: Thank you! :)
Yeah, I started doing some gardening the days we had sun, got tons of seeds I'm gonna do something with, our flower bed looks awful at the mo.

Vintage Kitten: Thank you very much. :)
Nooo, keep mom away from your laundry. :))

Mallis: Thanks hun. :)

Scary Mary: It was too cute to leave behind. I always say I need to get grown up clothes but I couldn't resist. :))

Clare: Yeah, more pineapples.
I plan to alter this one slightly and wear it to B-ham next weekend. :)