Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Had a very nice day with my mother in law.
The lunch was very yummy and we actually got some
sun today!
I showed her some of my latest bag projects and she
absolutely loved them, especially my lolly-bag.
She can't understand why I don't have a proper shop.

I thought I'd share my latest bag projects with you
as well...


annabananna said...

...and these are great bags! i agree with your mother in law, you should really think about selling them.

Lady Thirty said...

vad duktig du är!!!
du måste ju satsa järnet, sälja och tjäna storkovan på din konst, se så sätt fart ;)

Hoppas solen skiner hos dig, som den gör här.

Må väl!

Charlotte said...

The firs bag is my favourite - from which fabric is it made?

Little Rascal said...

The Elvis one is made in plastic.

Cammila said...

Those are beautiful -- you have quite a talent! That last one is particularly amazing -- I can't even figure how you did it!

fash said...

these are fantastic!
even though no one tops The King, the last one is still my favourite.