Tuesday, 10 June 2008


OK, still haven't got around to take any pictures of my latest
projects, just one of my skirts that I made out of a floral fabric
from the 1950's, I also added pink ric rac at the bottom of the
skirt and a pink bow in the waist.

I've been extremely anemic the last couple of days so that's
why I've been away.
I went to the hospital yesterday and I had my new dress on
with red and white stripes, my doctors secretary totally fell
in love with it and later as we were grocery shopping a man
told me that I was very pretty in my dress (he wasn't sleazy)
and he wished me a nice evening. Bless. :D

AND, I was talking to my stepmother today and I was ranting
about that my dad doesn't make any effort what so ever to
come and visit me and my sweetheart (they still haven't met)
so she decided that they will come over for three days in the end
of July and the begining of August!
I haven't seen my dad for two and a half year!
They told me to make a wish list for Swedish food and drinks. :)


Vintage Darling said...

hej söta!

har du varit på sjukhuset, du är väl inte sjuk raring?

jag har lagt upp dig bland mina favoritlänkar nu.


Lo said...

Vilken fantastiskt söt klänning du har på dig!

annabananna said...

the skirt is really pretty, and what i see of the dress impresses me, too. i just hope you're feeling better by now! get well.

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Darling - They were running some blood tests since I could hardly stay awake because of the anemia.
Nothing serious.
I'll put you up as well.

Lo - Thanks doll. :)

Annabananna - Thanks sweetie. :)

ismoyo said...

That dress looks absolutely lovely! So understand you got complimented on it.
Wonderful that your father and stepmom are going to visit you! I just heard yesterday my parents are coming over from Amsterdam to NY in September to visit me, so i'm sharing the excitement!

Angelica said...

Ser att du är från Sverige så jag kommenterar på svenska. Hoppas att du mår bättre snart....(och att du har en bra försäkring där borta). Mitt försäkringsbolag Aetna ville inte betala 20,000 SEK av mitt sjukhusbesök för några månader sen :/ Sjukt snygg klänning i alla fall. Förstår att folk gillar den! :-)

A spoonful of mint said...

Vilken underbart fin kjol.

kathrynsky said...

i love the pic from yourself... :-)

Alice said...

oh what a cute dress! ready to sell candies :)