Saturday, 28 June 2008


Hello ladies!
Me and my guy went for a little shopping spree today.
I'm currently boycotting Primark because they use
children younger than 8 years old as labor and that's
not really kosher in my book.
So we went to Matalan, I haven't been there for some
time but I always ending up finding very cool stuff
with a very retro feel and good prizes, like today.
I walked out of there with two sexy pairs of polka dot
espadrille wedges and a very sunny top.
My guy treated me to one of the pairs.


Betty Lou said...

tröjan var superfin. vill också ha en nu :D

Mrs Munster said...

I'm always surprised how much good stuff Matalan has. And always a bargain. Great finds! I think I might have to go there on my day off.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Nice shoes! I've been looking for a nice pair of espadrille wedges but the only good ones I found were out in my size :(