Monday, 30 June 2008


I'm in a good mood today.
My man can drive again so we went to one of my
suppliers to get some flowers and I felt so lucky to
find that they got my favorite exotic flowers in red!
I also got goodies for my new project, 1940's style
hair accessories for vintage style weddings.
I can't wait to start, I got itchy fingers!

Made my hair up this morning but this time it's even
higher and I combed my fringe up with the big roll
instead of make it into a pompadour.
I made two big rolls this time with so called rats and
added my favorite yellow flowers.
I also wear my new red polka dot espadrille wedges
and the yellow top, I feel tall and I love it.

Perfect items and inspiration for classic looks.


Betty Lou said...

det var högt må jag säga. kan också få nåt sånt om jag har bakis-hår :D

Betty Lou said...

ja just ja, vad använder du för hårprodukter?

den boken är väl ganska överskattad? har den som pdf-fil men har inte orkat kolla igenom.

Lovelies said...

I need to get my little hands on that book.
The time for my dull hair has come!
I shall make it shine.
In true oldies style :)

Little Rascal said...

Betty Lou: Yeah, it's me and Nanny Fine. :))
I only use Wella's Shockwaves hair spray (Ultra Strong) when I do my up-do's, when I put my hair in curlers I use the pink Glimor Harlaggning (Fast Fixering).

Rats is my best friends when it comes to build my hair up.

Yes, the book is a bit overrated, I used to sell another book with 40's hair styles which I thought was better, too bad I didn't save a copy for myself and I can't remember the title and who wrote it. :/

Lovelies: Good luck with that. No, seriously, it's been out of print for many years and I've seen seller on eBay ask around $600(!) for it.
There's a group on LiveJournal that's called Vintage Hair and I think they have it as a pdf-file.
Good hund sweetie.

Betty Lou said...

har testat den rosa och den blå läggningsvätskan men dom funkar inte så bra. har nåt wella nu som är den bästa hittills. använder aussie instant freeze sprayen, ebay är toppen, oftast.

vet vilken bok du menar jag har en själv och brukar sälja dom ibland

Lady Thirty said...

hårfint ;)
det var verkligen inspirerande pryttlar du hade, gillar "plattan" med hårspännena :)

Little Rascal said...

Lady Thirty: I made the bobby-pin holder myself back in 2005, it's one of many.
I plan to start selling them but I tend to forget.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Hair rats are great, you can do so amny amazing hair dos with them!

Mrs Munster said...

Looking so "summery". Just beautiful. I was looking for hair rats today from few shops and they didn't sell them anywhere. Hunt goes on...hope you don't mind that I added your blog as a link to my page.

fash said...

your hair, and your flower work, is stunning!