Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I'm up early, planning my new tattoos.
I'm about to finish my left sleeve but there's some small
girlie things I want to put in between all the roses, spider
web and butterflies before the background comes on.
But first I need to finish the tail on my Phoecock.
(He looks like a mix between a Phoenix and a Peacock).
I want ladybugs, bumble bees, diamonds, a Mexican sugar
skull (to go with my Mexican rose) and maybe a cute
green caterpillar, the background is gonna be a rainbow,
I just can't get enough of colors.
The one and only Kapten Hanna is the one I want to do
the honors and she's coming to London in September!


Kattjäveln said...

Du darling. Ring mig i helgen om du kan.
Om ni kommer till Sthlm skulle jag vilja träffa er. Jag har ju semester i juli och biljetterna borde inte bli extremdyra.

annabananna said...

wow, sounds exciting! and pretty!