Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I've been totally busy with my darling's birthday party.
On Friday I cooked and baked for 8 hours!
I made a Lebanese style buffet with hummus, falafel,
garlic dip, lentil burgers, couscous with red and yellow
fried peppers, chicken, a green salad and pita bread.
The falafel was gone in a blink of an eye.
I made my darling a coffee cake with coffee icing and
funny candles saying "Old Git".
(English slang for a stupid/silly/annoying person.)

Me and his brother got him all three DVD-boxes with the
original series of Star Trek.
He said that it was the best birthday present he ever got.
Bless my little nerd.

Yesterday was his actual birthday so we took the bus to
Hitchin and Letchworth, two old market towns not far
from where we live, to look around and just relax.
I made a real cool find in one of the charity shops, a very
cute tea jar with a lid in teak from the 1960's.
When I saw it I knew it was Swedish right away because no
one else made colorful pottery like that back in the days.
(Anita Nylund for JIE Gantofta.)
Best of all was the prize, 75 pence!

Here's all sides of my tea jar.


anna said...

oh, sounds delicious what you cooked! I wish someone would cook for me for my birthday too :)

Lovely jars. And the price is ridiciliously cheap. I wonder if one could find Finnish design cheaply abroad, people might not know if something is appreciated highly in the origin land.

Betty Lou said...

gudars vad billiga dom var!

pratade med din pappa idag, urgullig dialekt. han hade fått paketet och lämnat ett roligt röstmeddelande så ringde jag upp.

pratar du också värmlandsdialekt?

Lady Thirty said...

vilka fina burkar...
jag gillar också libanesiskt, smaskens!
take care!