Friday, 6 June 2008


Today I've spent the entire day indoors, the weather
is now worse than ever, feels a bit like October.

Started the day with a cup of proper coffee and then
I made tons of new hair flowers and hair bands.
I also went through my trunk full of half finished bits.
Finished one dress and I'm almost done with a skirt
made out of an old curtain, the fabric is really pretty
and makes me think of Sweden.
If it's gonna rain like this the entire weekend there
won't be any items left in that trunk.

I should post some pictures of this week's projects,
maybe tomorrow...


annabananna said...

yes, post some pictures of your projects! if it's any consolation: it's raining here, too. this changing weather gives me headaches...

fash said...

yes, pictures of new projects! i'm so intrigued.
i hope the summer weather this year is better than last year. if not, we're in for grey skies and wet weather. how sad!