Sunday, 1 June 2008


I've been sitting by the sewing-machine the entire morning.
I needed a break so me and my darling went for a walk and
on an abandoned lot not far from our house we found two
pink plants that's called
"Grandma's Bonnet", so we decided
to dig them up on the way back. So we did.
I planted them in the flower-bed in the backyard and it looks
so pretty and lush.
I also planted out two pink Pelargonium and our two huge
basil plants in two big pots and arranged the mint I planted
last year and put the pots by the back entrance.
It looks so nice and colorful.

When I first moved here the backyard was very dull, so last
summer we started to dig a flower-bed along the fence and
it's already full and very much in bloom.
Earlier this year my darling built a 1950's style patio in the
back and a last week we also finished a BBQ-pit.
And yesterday we put the polka dot curtains up in the shed.
We're so house proud.


ray said...

sounds lovly.cute blogxx

Little Rascal said...

Thank you sweetie. :)

Lady Thirty said...

jag gillar din blogg också :) helt okej med mig att du skriver på engelska, hoppas att det är okej att skriver på svenska :)

älskar din körsbärsväska - lovely!

blev så glad när jag såg att du länkat till min blogg :)
ps. jag länkar till din blogg med!