Saturday, 28 June 2008


Yet another 40's hair style, I used one so called rat
on one side, a comb on the other side and made my
fringe into a pompadour.
My guy said I look like Betty Grable today.
And yes, the top is made by me.

Perfect party song for the evening:
Ken Parker - "I can't hide"


Betty Lou said...

nice! mitt hår är så mjukt så det glider bara iväg :( så det blir mest hästsvans och faux bangs.

Little Rascal said...

Thanks, doll! :D
I got the same problem but my hair is thick but it helps if it's a bit dirty or if it's teased.

And yes, I do have a Varmlandsk dialect, it's even worse now since I moved from Stockholm and don't speak Swedish on daily basis. :))

Lovelies said...

Sometimes I get so jealous.
I never try anything new with my hair.
Yours is beautiful, it has a purpose.
Mine hangs :)
Mine is solely a curtain.

Lady Thirty said...

så fint!
jag håller med din pojke, du ser ut lite som Betty Grable idag :)

kram på dig!

Betty Lou said...

jag älskar dialekter och är lite fascinerad av det. själv har jag ingen får jag höra ganska ofta, rätt så neutral så ingen gissar rätt vart jag är ifrån ;D

har tjockt också, smutsigt hår är bra men jag kan gå 3-4 dar innan det blir smutsigt. har problem att hålla kvar lockarna men det har faktiskt blivit bättre, jag kör på pincurls jämt.

när öppnar du din etsy?

Betty Lou said...

tips på vart man hitta fina kammar, har letat på ebay men hittar inga fina. vill ha gröna

annabananna said...

love, love, love it!

Little Rascal said...

Lovelies: Thanks sweet. You should try something new at least 3 times a week, that will totally spice up your life.

Lady Thirty: Thanks doll! :)

Betty Lou: Me and my friend Rebecca has this thing, we make fun of ourselves when were together, she sounds like Eddie Meduza and I sound like Smala Sussie, we have some kind of love hate relationship with our dialects.
I will look into hair-combs and see if my local lady has got any goodies and I will try to get my thumb out and put stuff up on etsy next time it's raining.

annabananna: Thank you sweetie! :)

Vintage Darling said...

gosh, i love your blog! your style is simply amazing!

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Darling: Thanks doll. :)

Betty Lou said...

oh thanks. i hope it rains soon ;D
gröna och svarta vore trevliga.

åh smala sussie är så jäkla bra!

elizabeth said...

Hi, is it possible you coukd post a tutorial for this hairstyle? It's almost exactly what I want to wear with my early 40s evening gown for my 20th birthday...