Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I'm back!
I've missed blogging but there's been trouble in paradise but
we're now working on it.
We finally decided to go to Stockholm in the beginning of July!

I also been making a lot of new pieces of clothing from those
vintage patterns I've got the other week.
I love how the bikini tops turned out.

The weekend just passes a friend of ours took us to a local car
boot sale since we haven't done anything for 6 weeks and we
basically climbing the walls at home.
We got some finds, I actually haggled for a change, I got a nice
bag for 50 pence instead of £1.
My sweetheart treated me to a pair of two toned shoes to wear
with slacks, as he said.

Today I went out with Angela, we went to a lot of charity shops
and I actually managed to do some finds, that rarely happens in
charity shops around here.
I've got a vintage yellow plastic pearl necklace, a wooden vase
for our Tiki corner, a Nubian figurine, vintage seamed stockings,
and a little vintage glittery purse. Everything vintage from the
50's or early 60's, of course. (Guess I don't have to tell you.)


50 pence




Betty Lou said...

gudars vad billig! du gör alltid dom bästa fynden

Lady Thirty said...

jag vill också bli duktig på att fynda...

Anonymous said...

I adore the shoes! Wow!