Friday, 1 April 2011


Woho! 200 followers! I guess that means I'm having a giveaway! :)
Gonna put a package together for next week and hopefully you'll

Busy day, again.
Been running errands all morning, had a walk, cleaned the front of
the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers, started to put stuff in our
new garden storage, mowed the lawn and trimmed edges, did two
loads of laundry and I'm about to vacuum the house.
There's a gig locally tonight but I'm not going. I'm staying home by
the sewing machine. I got way too many items on the to-do-pile and
I wanna do it while I got the urge.

Yesterday me and my man was bored out of our minds so we went
to St. Albans for lunch and vintage.
I found tons of stuff I wanted but my frugal spirit made me put all
of it back, I only treated myself to a skirt for £12, not just any skirt,
the hottest friggin' vintage pencil skirt I ever seen!
And it fits like a glove, tight but not too tight and it hugs the curves
perfectly. I felt like a true 1950's vamp in it. :D

Click on the images for a larger view.

Now how lovely is this?!


Close up on the pattern.

This arrived by snail mail this morning, eBay find for just £10.
1950's and wicker, can't get much better. :)

And I also got a letter from lovely Clare! :D
She's so sweet! She sent me a pair of earring cushions because my
earlobes were throbbing from the clip on earrings last weekend.
She also sent me a pair of plastic cherries to do something rock n'
roll with. Now that's a true friend. :)
Thanks doll!

Got this teal/turquoise lurex cardigan today, it was a find from one of the
charity shops in town, only £2.



Temperamental Broad said...

Love the red skirt!!!! Great find!

vintage_kitten said...

That skirt is gorgeous.I love when things fit perfect.And thats rare for me being a have no curves the bag and cherries.Congrats on 200 followers.I can't get past a nice weekend.xx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

♥ That skirt - great find! And glad you liked your little parcel :)

La Dama said...

that skirt is *swoon*.
red is my fave color,I bet your going to look gorgeous in it.
wicker bag ,how pretty.
how nice of Clare,she is a her style.