Sunday, 20 February 2011


I almost forgot to blog about this really neat find me
and my man came across a week ago.
After a scrumptious lunch at Sazio we went scouting
at our favorite vintage shop, The Fleetville Vintage
Emporium, and little Miss Magpie (that's me!) found
this stunning set of four vintage placemats for £10.
I love the kitschy nautical theme.
My heart skips an extra beat because of the tiny sea
shells and the glitter AND confetti!

They are in mint condition, no damage or scratches
on the resin whatsoever.

Close up.
Click on the image for larger version.

I won't use them as placemats, (no way!) my plan
is to hang them on the wall in our bathroom.
They got a rubber back so I'm not sure if adhesive
discs will work and I don't really dare to have a go,
I don't want the placemats to break.
I think I'll go for the safest option and use good old
plate hangers instead.


Zizzi said...

Ursnygga! Gillar alla färgerna! Kram cissi

Vintage Coconut said...


Scary Mary said...

Cute:) Great idea to hang them on the bathroom wall!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Super Kitsch! Great find as always, Lady :)