Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today is not my day, I'm still really ill but my voice is
finally back. I finally got an appointment with my GP
earlier today, turns out that I got a chest infection and
he put me on antibiotics.
I was gonna have a stall this weekend at an all-dayer
but that's not gonna happen if I'm not 100% well.
On top of this my man is stressed out because he got
too much work to do before this really big event he's
organizing and there's still plenty of things to be done
so we won't be able to go to the US this spring!
We were meant to go for 3 weeks but since he's been
working non stop there hasn't been any time to plan
anything so we have to postpone the trip until 2012.
We will however go to the Screamin' Festival, Spain,
we know the place inside out so we don't have to plan
anything, just book a flight and the hotel.
We so need a vacation!

Sorry for my rant, there's been too many lately. :(

One this cheered me up today though...
These sunglasses, they are 1950's deadstock and I got
them on eBay.

Gold glitter sunglasses, £4.20.
Red glitter sunglasses, £6.57.

My red glitter sunglasses is a perfect match to
my red glitter bangle I got last week! :D

Tomorrow I hope we get nice weather because I plan
to drag myself to the post office, I got a few packages
that need to be sent urgently and I do need to pick up
painkillers and vitamins.

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