Saturday, 12 February 2011


A few years back I got this old novelty lamp as a gift
from my lovely man.
This lady has been standing in the bag/jewellery box
display unit in our bedroom, collecting dust since the
day I got her, today I told my man to add a plug on it
so I can use it.
It's normal in this household that the small things like
hanging pictures and add plugs takes a while to finally
Still there's my vintage Nubian heads and also a whole
set of cool vintage novelty plates that's been waiting for
almost four years to be put up on the wall.

I'm determent to make a change from now on.
Like today, we got a leopard print bed set and it really
changed the entire bedroom for the better!
This spring I'm gonna revamp the walls in the upstairs
hallway with a shade of 1950's turquoise, the bedroom
walls gonna get a lick of pale pink.
I don't really like our home very much right now, stuff
must be done.


Fröken Elina said...


Zizzi said...

Vilken helt underbar lampa! Älskar den blå färgen på kjolen och spetsen som draperar, perfekt! Kram cissi

art deco dame said...

Adore it!

Jema♥Rose said...

UNDERBAR lampa!!!

: )


Scary Mary said...

That's really awsome, love it:)

Kitten loves vintage said...

Great lamp, we still have pretty empty walls over here too, and a few other things that take forever to happen...But I finally finished and put up the curtains I've had lying around since last spring so that's a step in the right direction I guess. The turquoise and pink you are plannings sound fabulous, hope you get it looking the way you want it too! :)