Thursday, 10 February 2011


This is Dolly 2, Dolly 1 is my vintage dressmaker dummy.
Dolly 2 arrived this morning. Bald.
Got fed up with taking hundreds of bad photos of myself
in my creations for Etsy purposes.
So I got myself a display head, she's not as pretty as me
but at least she's still. :))
Been looking around on eBay this morning for cheap but
pretty 1940's-1960's style wigs.

I decided today that I'm gonna start selling my stuff on
the Swedish auction site Tradera again, Etsy is way too
big nowadays and I hardly make any sells.
I'm only gonna do it for a very limited time.
Click here to see my auctions.


Scary Mary said...

Weeee nice doll, but not as pretty as you by far;) A nice little brush up you've done on your page by the way!!

Sorry to hear it's hard on Etsy these days, not surprised though, When you mention it.. It seems to have grown really big over the last couple of years. Good thing there's smaller sites to move to;)

Scary Mary said...

Ps: I've added one of your Etsy items to my Friday finds;)