Sunday, 13 February 2011


It was spring over here yesterday, sunshine, crocus and
snowdrops in full bloom, today it's all gray again.
I do however try and think spring, like today, I painted
my nails Beyoncé Turquoise and looking at sexy mules
to get a few ideas what I want to walk around in when
it's warmer outside.

Right now I'm getting ready for a date with my man.
He's taking me for Italian and vintage.
We kind of doing an early Valentines because we really
don't have the time tomorrow, except for the evening,
then it's pink bubbly under the leopard print cover and
maybe a John Waters movie.

Today I heart:

Giuseppe Zanotti mules.

Turquoise nails.

Frenchie's pink hair.

Divine, everything he did is gold, especially this song
from 1984. Brilliant!
Best party song ever, if you ask me.


Ashley Dee said...

Well hey there little lady! I found your deviant art through a google search of "gingham" believe it or not.. and I loveeee your gallery/all of your crafty/retro wonderfulness! Excited to follow your blog!

Vilte said...

I love Beyonces nail colour :D I'm trying to recreate the vintage pin up look myself, do you have any tips that you could give me? xoxo

Zizzi said...

I början av veckan kunde man nästan tro att det skulle vara vår! Solen värmde och snön var nästan borta. Men nu, de senaste 3 dagarna har snön öst ner och minusgraderna har ökat. Brrrr kallt och vinter igen! Och jag som också vill ha fina sommarskor, ny hårfärg och vårfärger på naglarna! Kram cissi