Tuesday, 15 February 2011


This year was the first year we'd done Valentines day.
We felt we wanted to this year for some reason.
We didn't do it the "normal" way, with chocolates (I don't
eat sweets) and overpriced cards, we did it our own way.
My man is the master of surprises, when I got back from
work, feeling like crap, my plan was to have a cup of tea
and a nap. Nope, no nap for me, I got told to change my
clothes and hop in the car, turns out he booked us in for
lunch and then we went for vintage. Again!
He had already done all his work for the day before I got
back and wanted to take me out again.
I didn't have the heart to say no. ;))
We had a really nice day out, the sun was shining and
we did what we felt like doing.

In the evening we exchanged gifts, this is what I got:
(Click on the images for larger versions!)

A vintage faux fur jacket.
I found this at North London Hospice in Golders Green and my man
really liked it on me so he bought it for me.

A pair of really slutty 7 inch mules.
I'll give them a try at some point. I've mastered 7 inch heels before.
Pretty funny though, I looked around for insane heels the other day
and found these and sent my man a link, like,
"honey, look at these
slutty heels!" but he must have
thought I wanted them. :))

A stunning set of Coro Moonray confetti from 1956.
It's in totally mint condition, not a single scratch!
I actually bought this for myself since I got it for a real bargain price
and when
it arrived the other day my man said since I loved it so much
he wanted to pay for it.

Close up.
The pictures doesn't do them justice at all.

I got my man a very nice vintage Hawaiian shirt by Hilo Hattie.
It got coconut buttons and pineapple print on it.
He also got three jars of his favorite Swedish pickled herring.


Thomas said...

you are happy woman!
nice gifts

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Dolly Cool Clare said...

You are right! I ♥ the confetti set! Beautiful. I really want a confetti clamper now.... :)

Joseph said...


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