Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Ill, again.
It started on Valentines, one of my co-workers thought it
was a good idea to go to work with a bad cough and spread
her germs all over the place.
She got sent home last week, the boss firmly told her that
she didn't want more staff to get ill! It's not like she lose any
money for staying home until she's fully recovered.

Anyway, since I'm not well enough to do much I'm gonna
show you what a fat score we made on our Valentine outing.

First I got this at work:

Vintage slip, 50 pence.

1940's style dress, 50 pence.
Suits me to a tee. Perfect for a night out as well as at home.

Top, 50 pence.
My camera wouldn't let me take a better picture but it look
very much like the top/mini dress I blogged about here!

Vintage novelty mug, FREE!
Isn't she the most! Marked "Foreign" so I know for a fact it's old.
(Please have a sense of humor.)

This is what I found at Charity Shop, Burnt Oak:

Coconut earrings, £1.50.
Gift from my man.
Goes perfect together with my tropical outfits.

1950's case, £4.
Perfect condition on the inside, outside is also well kept.
It's getting harder to find vintage cases on the cheap.

1970's chopping board, 75 pence.
I like vintage chopping boards, don't know why they don't
make them like this anymore.

This is what I found at North London Hospice, Golders Green:

Vintage fabric, £2.
Has got a 1930's look and I will probably make a bikini or
a playsuit out of it.

1950's faux fur hat, £2.
Gift from my man, forgot to post about it yesterday.

And the vintage faux fur jacket, £6.
You might think my man is a cheapskate but let me tell you, I don't
like expensive stuff, I feel uncomfortable
. I like a bargain more.

The cheaper the better. I'm very low maintenance and oh how my
man loves me for that. :))


Ivy Black said...

Dontcha just love it when people share there germs around?!!
Gorgeous the dress and the bee fabric.
I once bought my grandad a mug like that as pressie! We thought it was hilarious!

Kitten loves vintage said...

That mug made me smile, the silly person who came into work ill did not...But what a load of great finds! I'd love an old case like the one you just found, and that dotted dress *sigh* Hope you get better soon!

Zizzi said...

Oj vilka fina saker!
Men allra allra finast var den fina klänningen som är lika fin när man ska gå ut som när man är hemma. Har letat med lykta, land och rike runt efter en sån modell. Kanske jag hittar en snart :-)
Stackare som är sjuk igen! Jag förstår inte varför folk går till jobbet när de är sjuka och inte tänker på andra! Kram cissi

Hallonsemla said...

Jesus Amalia vad mycket fina saker!
Klänningen är fantastisk!

rosie-alia said...

Oh wow, I am most jealous of your buys, and so cheap! I LOVE the vintage slip and polka-dot dress....SO JEALOUS! I might have to take a trip to the golders green charity shops....I've heard good things about them! xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Aww you have some very cute finds there! Sorry to hear that you are sick again, that can't be much fun all the time.

Teresa said...

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Scary Mary said...

Awsome finds, lucky you!! Love the mug:)

For The Love of Betty said...

Wow girl you find the best stuff really i am constantly drooling

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, I would die for that train case! I have been looking everywhere for a proper hat box for when I travel. You ask people about these in the shops and they look at me like I'm mad! Not only do I wear hats, but I have several to travel with??? Only in America!