Thursday, 17 February 2011


This cold thing has taken the turn for the worse.
I think I might got the flu, I have no voice today
and my throat is really sore, so is my skin, every
part of my body hurts and I got a nasty cough.
I'm really pissed off!
Went through my craft boxes this morning and I
found out that there's enough material to make a
few more hats and some hair flowers.
That should cheer me up a bit...

And there's a mule madness going on in this house
at the moment. I, like most rockin' girls love Polly
mules but let's face facts, I would spend that much
money on a pair of heels nowadays, doesn't matter
how sexy they are.
(OK, if someone gave me a pair of Polly's I wouldn't
say no, I'm not stupid.)
So I've done the next best thing, a bargain hunt on
eBay. (Not necessarily for Polly's.)
It doesn't matter if they get ruined, they didn't cost
me that much to begin with.

These last two weeks five pairs have become mine.
I think I got 11 in total by now...

Black suede mules with diamonds, £4.50.
(Feb 13)

White wooden mules with diamante buckle, £2.30.
(Feb 16)

Shimmery pink wooden mules, 99 pence.
(Feb 17)

Clear wedge mules, £7. (Feb 9)
7 inch clear mules (gift from my man, Feb 14)

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Scary Mary said...

Hope you get to feel better soon;) Nothing worse than being sick and tiered over a long period.. New shoes is never wrong though!