Saturday, 2 July 2011


Dead tired after a quite busy day.
We got up early to go to a car boot sale (first one in ages)
and we managed to squeeze in a visit to a local summer
fair where we got a bunch of neat stuff.
When we got back home I started to revamp a few things
and finished spray painting the frame I got yesterday.
After dinner my man went to a gig and I stayed home as
I wasn't in the mood for going out, so I mowed the front
and back lawn and vacuumed the house.
By the time I was finished the frame had dried so I put my
1920's print behind glass. It looks very good.
I'll post a picture tomorrow...

And here's some of today's finds.
Click on the images for a larger view.

Vintage bag, £1.
Vintage clutch bag with matching coin purse, £1.50.

Yellow bangles, 25 pence each.
Green vintage bangle, 25 pence.
1950's earrings, £2.

Close up.

Close up.

1950's glasses, £1.
I need more vintage bar ware as I need a hole in the head
but I can't resist when it's this cheap and in original box.

Close up.

Peasant top, £1.

IKEA multi use hanger, 40 pence.
Yes, I admit I were a bit frugal last time we went to IKEA,
I wanted one of these but £3.99 seemed a bit silly when I
knew one would turn up at a car boot sale very soon, and
very soon was today. :D

Old door knocker.
We already have an anchor door knocker but my man
thought it was too nice to hang outside but now he doesn't
have an excuse. :))

Freebies of the day.
1950's/1960's flower pot and bottles from a makeup case.
I did buy a beauty case today for 30 pence but it's under major
revamp at the moment...


Vintage Coconut said...

The bags and coin purse are so cute!
I adore the bangles.
Those 1950s glasses are AMAZING!! I surely would have bought them had I happened upon them!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

What a fabulous haul. The glasses are amazing, esp woth the original box. I also adore the bags and purse and I rather fancy the door-knocker.