Wednesday, 13 July 2011


As you might have read I had a huge closet clear out
last week and this tunic was at first put in the not to
keep pile, but then all of a sudden the creative part of
my brain started to work and I decided to keep it, this
tunic has got potential.
It's very cute at the top but is hard to wear because it
does look like I'm trying to hide an early pregnancy,
which is not a good look unless you're really pregnant,
and there's a tie in the back who does make it really
uncomfortable, you can't really lean your back against
anything without getting sore.
But as I said, I love the top and the rose pattern is so
dreamy so I decided to do a little revamp to make it
more useful.
Turned out to be very easy, I just ripped the stitches
between the skirt and the top and on the sides to get
the tie off.
Then I zigzagged the edges, folded, stitched and put
an elastic band in the bottom part and hey presto I got
a cute little sun top.

You might ask why on earth I blogged about this if it
was so easy, well, things don't have to be complicated
and I'm a true believer in the word inspiration and I do
love to inspire people to be creative.
That's all, folks!

Before and after




Chinese Junk said...

i bought the exact same dress 2 years ago in camden market. I always wonder why the hell they putted that terribly uncomfortable bow on the back!!! ahaha, so i was not the only one!

rosie-alia said...

This is such a good idea- it looks adorabe as a little sun top! Inspired :) xx

Kitty said...

You are always doing such great projects and making the most from what you buy. the top looks lovely and so summery on you!

vintage_kitten said...

That is so it.xx