Friday, 1 July 2011


For two days in a row I've been doing what I do best,
scouting for bargains.
Yesterday and today me and my man took the day off
to have a what we call a "date day" when we only do
what we enjoy doing.
Not only did I score a Jessica Rabbit style dress for a
song, I also finally managed to find a frame (with quite
rare dimensions) for a stunning 1920's silk print who
nowadays got a few cracks and I really needed a frame
so it will be up on the wall, protected.
I got the frame for £3 and today I sanded and sprayed
it with it's first black coat.
I will show you the result when it's up on the wall.

Here's my favorite finds...
Click on the images for larger view.

Vintage sequin dress, £1.50.
Don't kill me!!! I can't help having magpie eyes.
Not without it's flaws, all I need to do is take some sequins from the
underneath hem of the skirt and stitch onto the places where sequins
are missing.

1970's duvet cover, £2.
For the future rascals, if there ever will be any...
I had something very similar hanging on my wall when I was little.

Milky vintage bangle with glitter, £1.

These pictures doesn't do the bangle any justice at all, this is
gorgeous in real life!

1940's inspired knitted top, £1.50.
My winter wardrobe is starting to look better.

1960's nylon sleeping gowns, £3 and £5.
These are real bargains nowadays, can't believe how expensive
gowns like these have become in the last 3 years.


Vintage Coconut said...

What MAGnificent finds!!
The dress is gorgeous and everything else is rather lovely too! You sure scored some goodies.. I love those old nighties!

Hep~Kitten said...

Such great finds I really like the red dress it is vary Jessica Rabbit!!

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