Thursday, 14 July 2011


I've been a nawdy girl...
There's a few things we got too much of in this house
and that's mirrors, trays and glasses, we usually try
to restrain our urge to buy more of these things but it
never really work.
And what do I get my filthy paws on today? - A mirror
and a tray. *sigh*
Yes, another visit to my favorite charity shop after the
gym, I was gonna return the application form but I had
forgotten it at home.
Didn't stop me from having a scout tho... ;)

Click on the images for a better view.

Rattan mirror, £1.75.
1960's/1970's, goes well with Nubian figurines and tiki mugs,
haven't decided where to hang it yet...

Tray, £1.
I'm head over heels, this 1950's tray is a dream.
I love the background pattern and the stunning rose print.

Close up on the pattern and print.


Vintage Coconut said...

HhehhHHhAHA I do the same thing with mirrors and wall candle holders!
Everytime my guy says "Where are those going to go?"

Love your finds

La Dama said...

I am in love with that flowery tray, I would use for my tea and pastries.

Anonymous said...

Ron Hevener is the one with explosives -TO...and DATIL is talking all about it.
Baldwin says he's got the goods on GATES, and Natalie and Di say TEXAS senators are the EWS.