Monday, 11 July 2011


Yesterday morning was supposed to be a morning of
sleep because my man had been gigging two nights in
a row, yeah right, my man woke me up around 7 AM
and asked if I wanted to go vintage hunting, he couldn't
sleep. I was dead tired because I was working on new
fascinator hats way past midnight but I managed to get
up and make coffee.
Must say we scored big time, again.
At the first car boot sale I ended up diving into boxes
because this was stuff after someones nan, and this nan
was a lady of my taste.
Here's just a few of the things I got yesterday, click on
the images for a better view.

Lurex dresses, 50 pence each.
These might look pretty dull but when they are on they look
really amazing.
They hug the curves and sparkle like the stars
at night.

Very wide elastic belt, 50 pence.
This is really my cup of tea. Back in the days I was wearing
a corset every day of the week and I kind of miss it so this
is a quite neat substitute.

Hats, 50 pence each.
1950's/1960's. From the nan I mentioned earlier.
I might revamp the white and the yellow slightly because
the ribbons isn't really my thing.

Huge suitcase, £1.
Late 1960's. Useful for storing my vintage fabrics.

Carved bangle, free.
Not vintage but still very nice, my kind of colors.

Old novelty mug, 50 pence.
1950's. This is actually my second one, this one got some
missing on her hair but I don't mind at all.
Easy to fix, if I wanted to.

From the nan.

Glasses and shot glasses, £1.80 for the lot.
1960's, French. I couldn't resist...
Also from the cool nan.

Teak cheese fork holder, 30 pence.
1950's/1960's. From the nan.
This is quite morbid actually, it looks like
spears through his
back, like on a bull fight, but I'm weak
for teak and this piece
is quite unusual.

Canape sticks, 50 pence.
1960's. Anyone have any cool vegetarian canape ideas?

Bar staff, 50 pence.
1960's teak, never used. From the nan.

Check out the awesome box!


La Dama said...

Love it all amor, those hats are so cute and I a pretty free bangle, how cool.

Vintage Coconut said...

Very nice finds!
I love the lurex . The big red suitcase is awsome . Pretty bangle . Lovin the atomic glasses

I bet you are glad you got up early! lol

Perdita said...

The canape sticks rock! :) Snag yourself a 50s cookbook for some nibbles to pop in them. ;) Usually they involved olives layered over other random ingredients...