Sunday, 24 July 2011


Here's what I snagged at the car boot sale yesterday.
Click on the images for a larger view.

Moc Croc handbag, 50 pence.
Not too big, not too small, just perfect.

Knitted 1930's style cardigan, £1.
Absolutely lovely. I feel like such a nice girl in this. ;))

1980's necklace, 50 pence.
A bit too long and a bit too... I don't know...
I'm thinking about a slight revamp.

LP's, 50 pence each.
Gift from my man.

Flats, £1.
I'm quite pissed off, one shoe is one size bigger, like half a centimetre,
not really that noticeable but I can feel it! I never thought to look at the
who buys different sizes anyway?

1960's Fisher Price toys, 75 pence each.
Goes in the collection of vintage toys for the future rascal's.


SusieQT said...

I love the cardi and the toys! And I once bought a pair of pink Converse at a thrift shop- perfect condition- only to get them home and find out that they were both left feet! :(

Perdita said...

That cardie is so cute! And the handbag is very perfect.

How odd about the shoes. Maybe they were misboxed when new and that was why they got sent to the charity shop!

Vintage Coconut said...
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Vintage Coconut said...

OoO Oo oO
Lovely handbag
Cute Cardi(I really love it, it would be so cute paired with so many things in the fall.)
Can't wait to see the revamp!
I just got 2 Lp's this week too.. Now I just have to clear off the things that have been placed on top of the record player. *lol* It makes a nice table top for trinkets when not in use.
Shame about the shoes they are so cute!! They look like candy for your feet. lol
AND OHHH MYY!! Those toys are just too cute! I especially LOVE the clown. *hahaha* I need to find me one of those! (Our future coconuts & rascals are gonna be such lucky kids!)