Friday, 29 July 2011


I think I'm a bit senile, honestly.
I said I would post some pictures from Screamin'
Festival and I've forgotten all about it, well, until
today that is.
I made an album on Facebook but it slipped my
mind to post any here in my blog.
Anyway, since I'm so darn boring (camera shy)
and never do any outfit posts I thought I go totally
ego, so here's outfit posts to last you a while. ;))

I have to add that I'm not this chunky IRL, I hate
that I always bloat badly every time I fly. :(

Click on the images for a larger view.

Me and my man.
Photo by Lars Sundberg

Me and Carolina.
Photo by ???

Me and my man.
Photo by me

Me and my man.
Photo by me

Me and my man jiving in the sand.
Photo by Carolina Perez Amaya

Me and my man.
Photo by Carolina Perez Amaya

Me and my man.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

My man, Zack and me.
Zack is our favorite rockin' kid, he was born into it and
it's been so cool se him grow up from a cute little boy to
a cool teen. The years goes by so fast... :)
Photo by Calamity Jane G

At the beauty contest, the winners. Some cute girl from
Holland, me and my friend Uschi also from Holland.
Photo by Rockin Ronnie Meurs

Me and Zack jiving.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

Something was very funny.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

Zack, my man and me.
Photo by Calamity Jane G


Boo Boo Kitty said...

It is so nice to see photos of you! I dont know why you are camera shy, you are a little cutie!x

Hep~Kitten said...

All your outfits are just so cute and I agree your to adorable to be camera shy!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my Lord I love all your outfits in these. I want your clothes!! hehe
And you yourself are beautiful.
The photo of you and your guy jiving in the sand is great &
the pic of you laughing is super cute.
Don't be shy to show us photos of you. If someone doesnt like how you look SCREW EM! not literally of course ;) *haha* We should be proud of who we are.

Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

Härliga bilder!

: )

KRAM & trevlig helg!


Burprags and Bustiers said...

Hi Rascal Baby! it is Heather from Joiedevivre, hope your well! I wanted to tellyou two things 1. The picture of you and your man are just adorable! you are way too gorgeous my love! Please stop by and see me at
Have a great time on your holiday!

Kitten loves vintage said...

This is so my favourite post by you this far, it's absolutely lovely to see you and your amazing wardrobe in action! You are way too good looking to be camera shy ;) Nothing inspires me more than seeing a beautiful girl having fun in gorgeous clothes :P

Rosie Alia said...

Oh my, what a lovely time it looks like you had- you look so beautiully sunkissed!
It's so nice to finally see the face behind the blog! I love love love you in that red hawaiian dress dancing with your man, and those catseye sunnies are to die for! xxx