Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I had a plan to blog about Sunday finds, because
they were kick ass and many, but I've been busy
revamping stuff both yesterday and today.
I tell you what, I'meet you half way, I'll blog about
a find I revamped, how's that sound? ;)

I got this on Sunday for £2.50.
It was filled to the brim with baby knitting patterns
from the 1960's and a lot of knitting needles.
I don't knit but I do plan to learn one day so I keep
the needles for now.
The patterns might end up on Etsy in the future.

Anyway, I fell in love with the barkcloth but I wasn't
at all over the moon about the handles, waaay too
granny for me, but as the hoarder that I am I knew I
had some old bamboo handles laying around and the
plan of a revamp was born...

The fabric were quite dirty so I washed it twice and
ripped the old stitches up because the bag was quite
badly made.
Went around with zigzag stitching twice, I hate when
stuff fray and fold, iron and stitch it all together and
hey presto Rascal got a brand new vintage bag.




Scary Mary said...

Looks lovely after the revamp;) Much better than the original!

Tasha said...

Love it! Seriously, you find the best stuff.

Linnea said...

härligt tyg och fint slutresultat! fast måste medge att jag faktiskt gillar sådana där trähandtag:)

Perdita said...

Looks great, it's amazing what a talented stitch or two can do to an old scruffy item; it suddenly becomes pretty and original.