Sunday, 24 July 2011


Been looking through my blog and thought I might have
a go at trying to recreate my version of Dita's outfit in this
video with some of my finds and own creations...

Couldn't find a post about any red rose hair flowers
so this one will do for this post. ;)
From this post.

25 pence from a car boot sale.
From this post.

£2 from a charity shop, this is the revamped version.
From this post.

99 pence from eBay.
I do have more bargain bangles I might throw in the mix.
From this post.

£1.50 from a charity shop.
From this post.

£9 from eBay.
From this post.

Anniversary gift from my man.
From this post.


vintage_kitten said...

Lovely things.I love those shoes.purrrr.x

Little Rascal said...

Thank you hun. Do you think it would work as an outfit?

Vintage Coconut said...

I think this would look quite cute together. *Gosh* those bangles are just gorgeous I love them immensly (Need to find me some) lol
Those shoes are freaking sweet! You must have yourself a lovely man if he got you those. =D

My guy once told me "He was going to buy me flowers, but decided not too!!" HHAHAHAHAHAHAH He should have never told me.. cause I always bring it up!

Little Rascal said...

Glad you think so, I trust you. :D
Yeah, the bangles was a real neat find, I've came across 3 more at car boot sales for like 50 pence each.

I found them on eBay but my man wanted to give them to me since I loved them so much, think they cost around £3 or something... :))

LOL! He should go and get you a really big bunch by now, 1. because he said that and 2. because you need to fill your vases. :D

Emma Robertson said...

Those shoes are amaaaazing! Love them so much.