Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi honeys!
It's been one busy weekend!
We didn't go to any car boot sales whatsoever, the
weather was awful but it was a good excuse to stay
indoors and be creative.
I'm still in a sorting mood and trying to reduce the
amount of stuff in my "to do pile" so the weekend
was dedicated to that.
I started working on a very special hat, I'm almost
finished revamping a bag and the three things below
is things that I completed.

First out was this really cute tank top that I got for
30 pence at a car boot sale last summer, I've never
used it and it ended up in the not to keep pile when
I had my closet clear out.
Since the revamp of the rose top was quite a good
decision I thought I'd have a go with this one as well.
And I'm glad I did, I love it!

The second and third revamp has been laying in the
middle of the to do pile for 3 years (!!!) and it was
about time I do something about it!
I got the dresses for £5 each at Primark 3 years ago
and they had a terrible fit but I've planned to turn
them into a two piece set, with a top and skirt, which
is way more useful for me.
I finished the skirts and I'm currently working on the
tops, I guess it will look very 1940's when I finally get
to wear them.

Peppermint green top and stripey dress before revamp.
I totally forgot to take before pictures of both the stripey
dresses, this old picture is the best I can offer.

Click on the images for a larger view.


La Dama said...

oooh wow!
You have been a busy bee.
great job on revamping.
I been missing out on your posts.

Little Rascal said...

Thanks sweetie! I'm working on a few things and I can't wait to show you. ;)

Vintage Coconut said...

They are all revamped to pure cuteness! Love em

Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

SNAP!! i brought those exact two dresses from primark and they are currently on top of my pile!! im making mine into high waisted shorts and tops , great minds Rascal! xx