Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hi there my fabulous blog readers!
I was quite a happy bunny when the post man knocked
on the door this morning, 3 packages arrived, it was like
it was my birthday, if it wasn't for the fact that I've paid
for them and it's July, not December. ;))

1960's Vanity Fair nightgown, $6. Etsy.
Totally dreamy. I can't say no to a cheap 1950's/1960's nylon
nightgown, that would be so silly! ;))

Swimsuit, £3.19. eBay.
No one was happier than me to find that this is actually a kids size
swimsuit and it wasn't even tight.
My butt and tummy exercises works!
I must admit that a fellow blogger inspired me to make this purchase,
thank you
Lisa at My High-Heeled Darling.

1950's wash bag, £2.99. eBay.
This bag will keep all my hygiene products.
It came in the right time for our long road trip we're about to do.


Vintage Coconut said...

Pretty awsome purchases! The nightgown is lovely, cute bathing suit & I love that wash bag!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Awesome wash bag! Have a lovely trip back home and will look forward to seeing your many bargains upon your return! ♥