Friday, 15 July 2011


I hope you're not sick and tired of my revamp
projects just yet, because here's another one!
I'm a member of a vintage/repro swap & sell
group on Facebook and here's my first, and to
be honest probably last swap.
(I'm more of a buy and sell type of gal.)
I gave away a pair of shoes and a short sleeve
jacket and I got this.
I love the pattern but unfortunately it was too
big and it didn't come out as a balloon dress in
the picture, to me it looked more like a sarong
type of dress.
At first I thought I might sell it but the tropical
pattern is my cup of tea so I decided to keep it
and revamp it.

I knew I wanted to keep the top as it was so I
just ripped the stitches between the skirt and
the top and then I zigzagged the edges, folded,
stitched the hem, that was pretty much it.

I was left with the skirt and I wasn't sure what
to do with it but it didn't take me long to decide
to make a tote bag.
I got a lot of bamboo handles in all shapes and
forms so I used round ones.
I didn't have to make a hem for the handles to
go in since there were already the bottom hem
of the dress and all I had to do was to cut it into
the size I wanted, zigzag the edges, stitch the
sides together and I got myself a bag,





Perdita said...

That's a great idea! I sometimes convert dresses to tops, making a bag from the leftover skirt is an idea I will use...

La Dama said...

I wish, I revamp like you. I hate showing my arms.
your genius!
your going to look hotter Mamas.